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The city of Lima has become the epicenter of Peruvian gastronomy.  It is already possible to taste a delicious ceviche, a lomo salteado or the Causa Limeña, in one of the three recent restaurants included among the 50 best restaurants of the world located in the Peruvian capital. In addition to bringing together a wide range of Peruvian and international cuisine restaurants, there is also a wide variety of options for those who wish to celebrate a special occasion, seduce, charm their partners, or enjoy a beautiful and unforgettable evening at one of the romantic restaurants in Lima.

Couples of lovers who are looking for a romantic place to celebrate Valentine’s Day, lovers who want to woo their partners or those who are looking for a restaurant to celebrate an anniversary, a hand-in-hand request or some other special celebration, find many alternatives of romantic places in Lima where to celebrate the occasion.

Is there anything more passionate than having a date at a restaurant by the sea or a romantic candlelit dinner?

There are some lists on this type of restaurants, although according to our experience and the aspects that we really consider that it should gather a romantic restaurant, we propose you those that we consider are the 5 best places for romantic dinner in Lima.

Romantic dinner in Lima Peru

Celebrates a great date in the most romantic restaurants of Lima

1.- La Rosa Náutica

Located on the Costa Verde de Barranco and with an infrastructure that penetrates the Pacific Ocean, this classic with almost 35 years of life, is undoubtedly one of the best options to enjoy a romantic dinner in the city of Lima.

It has a menu specializing in international food and seafood, as well as a tasting menu. If we want to have a good cocktail, the Rosa Nautica has a bar where we can chat while listening to the breaking of the waves.

The price of its dishes is that of an elegant restaurant, but if you are looking for a nice place for a special occasion with your partner, it should certainly be one of your first options.

2.- AmorAmar

If the bohemian district of Barranco is already romantic in itself, the AmorAmar restaurant is one of the great options in Lima to go as a couple to celebrate some special occasion.

Its menu has a wide variety of dishes, including ceviches, Creole rice dishes such as rice with duck, suckling piglet or some fusion recipes such as quinua chaufa or nikkei tortilla.

The charm of the mansion where the restaurant is located and its courtyard are ample reason for us to spend a romantic evening and forget the chaos of the city for a few hours.

3.- La Romántica

Supper name says it all. La Romántica was founded a few years ago by a Peruvian of Swiss origin who wanted to combine the best of classic Italian cuisine with some dishes of Swiss and French cuisine in this restaurant.

From its menu we can highlight pasta, lasagnas, pizzas, cheese fondue, its Swiss meat specialty «Emincé veal with röstil» or its scallops.

According to the own website, La Romántica is one of Lima’s favourite places for declarations of love, hand-in-hand requests and exchange of rings, made under candlelight and a warm indirect lighting.

4.- Symposium

Continuing with our list of romantic restaurants in Lima we find the local Symposium, by Marco Antino, has the first place in the Summum guide as the best restaurant of Italian cuisine in Lima and according to its founder, after 12 years in operation, they continue to focus on preparing dishes that represent Italy in a real way. Without a doubt, the quiet atmosphere, the quality of its supplies (with hand-made ingredients) and the meticulous attention to detail, make this place one of the favorite for couples looking for a romantic dinner.

This restaurant has exclusive seasonal dishes such as white truffle (during the month of November) or the most complete wine list in Peru with 800 wines from several countries. The most exclusive are the French Pétrus, which can reach US$ 5,000 per bottle or the Spanish Ribera del Duero Vega Sicilia.

5.- San Ceferino

We continue with the Italian touch in another of Lima’s most romantic and exclusive restaurants. In addition to the typical Italian dishes such as pasta or pizzas, it has delicacies such as hot Cause on volcanic stone or Amazon fish such as paiche or maiden.

The intimate atmosphere is provided by the restaurant (fully lined with wood) and the warmth of its lights. It also highlights its decoration, consisting of dozens of souvenirs, paintings, objects that remind us of the country of the boot.

Bonus Track restaurants for a romantic dinner in Lima

6.- Acantilado de Barranco

We can assure you that one of the most romantic places in Barranco is the Mirador that is close to the Hermitage of the Bridge of Suspiros. There we find Acantilado de Barranco, a beautiful and cozy place with sea views and candlelight.

Some of its specialties are crab pulp skewers, chicken with mushrooms or anti-cheese skewers.

In addition to its lounge in the interior, Acantilado de Barranco -as its name indicates- has some tables next to the Mirador that have an incredible view of the Costa Verde and the Herradura de Chorrillos.

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