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Things to do in Miraflores

Your trip to Peru will probably start in Lima where the Jorge Chavez International Airport is located and if you might decide to spend a few days in the city, we recommend you to do it in the Miraflores district. Today this district is known as the  most tourists-friendly zone of the capital city. There are many things to do in Miraflores, we can watch the sunset from the cliffs, go shopping, theaters, museums and end the day having a drink in a wonderful central park.

Miraflores has everything you need to make the most of your time in Lima. You can enjoy the nature in the parks and also in the ocean. You can take home local souvenirs and Peruvian brands while shopping. During the day, you can enjoy local food whether in the street or in a restaurant and you can spend your nights between the theater or a bar.

Even though it is reputed to be an expensive place, Miraflores has many activities for all budgets and for all types of travelers, whether traveling alone, in couples or for families with children. Below you will find some ideas about…

What to do in Miraflores?


Miraflores is known for its beautiful and colorful parks. Kennedy park is the most known and the main attraction right in the heart of the district. Its green areas blend very well with the modern and bohemian style the district offers to the visitors.

Walking distance from there you will find the Indian Market. You have around 3 blocks of traditional Peruvian souvenirs to take back home with you. From bags to magnets with Peruvian decoration, with a variety of prices, from 3 soles up to 300 and more.

Another nearby place to buy handicrafts is the well-known Inka Market. Here we can also find endless small souvenirs to buy for our family and friends. Some classic gifts can be a Chullo (Peruvian alpaca hat); an Ekeko (a kind of Andean doll that attracts luck if you put a cigar on its mouth); or an Inka Cola t-shirt, the national soda.

If you keep walking around the park you will find a cinema called El Pacifíco, you will get to experience how Peruvians go to the movies, most of them are in their original language with subtitles in Spanish so you can practice it a bit. Tickets are between 15 to 20 soles.

Back in the park, there are still things to do. During the weekend a flea market will be set up in the middle of Park Kennedy. You can also find there handmade decoration, antiques and souvenirs that can be bought from 10 soles up to 100.

The other main park of Miraflores is the Parque del Amor, where the sculpture «El Beso» by Victor Delfín is located. The sculpture, an icon of love, is one of the symbols of the district. It is surrounded by different mosaics of different colors and sizes where you can read love poems. As an extra bonus, from this point you have a wonderful view of the Pacific Ocean coastline. For all these reasons, this place is one of the most visited on Valentine’s Day.

What to do in Miraflores

Huaca Pucllana

The famous Huaca Pucllana is one of the main tourist attractions of the city and district of Miraflores. Located very close to the Ovalo Gutiérrez, this imposing ceremonial space belongs to the Lima culture and dates from 400 A.D. The excavations of this archaeological jewelry began in 1981 and continue today.

In the interior of Huaca Pucllana we can find a beautiful and exclusive restaurant where the best Peruvian and international cuisine is served. There is also the possibility of a night tour from Wednesday to Sunday from 9.00 am to 22.00 pm.


While on vacations, you also want to buy things to take back with you when you head home. Walking along Larco avenue, next to the park, you will find a variety of stores. You can buy anything you need within this avenue. From souvenirs to basic needs for your ongoing trip.

If you are into gambling, you will find a variety of casinos waiting there for you, some of them even offer you free lunch and you just need to bet a few soles.

At the end of Larco Avenue you will find a wonderful boardwalk or Malecón with an amazing view of the beach that offers you stunning cliffside and is right next to one of the most famous malls in Lima, Larcomar.

Larcomar offers you from a quick window shopping session to overusing your credit card, it all depends on you. The best clothings and equipment stores in Peru are located here. If you want to take home local brands, we recommend you to buy in Qala – Peruvian handcrafts for clothes and Ilaria Peru for jewelry.

Local cuisine

Peru is known for its tasty and innovative cuisine. Peruvian dishes are based in tradition and history. Behind every plate there is always something to talk about. From street food to high-end restaurants, Miraflores in Peru has it all.

For those who like fast food, you can stop at Bembos, a local version of McDonalds, for a burger. If you prefer to experience street food, that’s something you can get in the middle of Kennedy Park on daily basis starting around 5pm. From meat to sweet dishes,

For seafood Miraflores has two nice options. First «Edo Bar» with the best sushi rolls in the neighbour in a classy and modern local. You can also visit «El Verídico de Fidel» and eat our worldly know dish, ceviche. «La Mar» offers you also different Peruvian seafood dishes such as: chicharrón de pescado, parihuela, etc.

Probably you have also decided to visit Peru because you once heard about Gaston Acurio and his famous cuisine. Miraflores has two of his most famous restaurants for you to go and enjoy eating our local food made and supervised by one of the best chefs in the world.

«Tanta» offers you a family vibe to make you feel home. We recommend you to order Aji de Gallina, which is basically chicken covered with a yellow sauce made of Peruvian spicy accompanied with rice, corn and boiled potatoes.

The other restaurant to visit is called «Panchita». They make criolla food as our ancestors used to. Your go-to dish here should be anticuchos, a delight for your mouth made of the heart of the cow and cook with especially chosen spices and condiments.


Another thing to do in Miraflores is extreme adventure sports. While doing paragliding you can get a panoramic view from the whole district and beyond. Doing this during the sunset is a moment you will never forget.

Paragliding Lima - Thing to do in Miraflores

Right there in the ocean you can start by swimming and enjoying the sun, later get a surfing board and go into action. We recommend you to visit Makaha or Waikiki beach, they are the best if you are starting to learn, nearby you will find surfing academies and people to hang out with.

Theaters and more

When it comes to art, specially theater, Miraflores has a lot to offer you. Right in Larcomar Mall you will find «Teatro La Plaza». It is known for staging the best plays in the city. You can find a lounge to mingle and meet people before every function.

If you go back to Kennedy park you can go to Teatro El Británico, which is closer to Parque del Amor. This theater offers you a large variety of plays, from modern comedy to Shakespeare. It is inside an English academy,

Going a bit further, you can take the bus that goes all Arequipa avenue and visit Teatro Alianza Francesa, hosted by the French academy in Lima.

The three of these theaters will offer you the best of Peruvian plays in a nice environment

One emblematic museum that can tell you a lot about Peru’s history is also located in Miraflores. You will have to take a taxi and ask him to drop you off at Museo de la Memoria. This museum gathers over 15 years of history that happened in Lima during the terrorism.


After a whole day exploring Miraflores district, there is nothing better than finishing the day having a drink or dancing. Miraflores has a bar and a disco according to your needs and likes.

«La Emolientería«, right in the corner of Kennedy park, offers you a variety of drinks based mostly in Pisco, our national beverage. It is known to be a good place to hang out with friends and meet new people as well. When it comes to beer, «BarBarian Bar» offers you a wide selection of it, accompanied with good music. If you like rock and beers, this is your place.

After the drinks you can head to «Aura», a well known disco right in Larcomar. A place that gathers famous TV people, a varied selection of alcohol from around the world and a dance floor big enough with the most trendy music to keep you dancing until very early the next day.

By last, if you are staying at a hotel or hostel near by Miraflores, don’t forget to ask your receptionist for a list of events. Usually they keep an updated agenda of things to do while staying in Lima.

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