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Lima airport to Miraflores

One of the great deficiencies of the Jorge Chávez Airport in Lima was that it did not have a bus that would take passengers directly to the city center, who were forced to hire taxi services for prices that could reach 24USD (80 Soles) or take taxicabs ‘unsafe’ that cost around 13USD (45 Soles).

Fortunately for our new visitors, since this year 2017 have created several bus and transportation services from Lima airport to the district of Miraflores that offer cheaper and competitive prices.

Why Miraflores?

Miraflores is the district of Lima most popular for foreign visitors due to the amount of pubs, bars, shops and hotels it possesses. If you come to know Lima you have a 90% probability of staying in this district.

Lima airport to Miraflores. Which are my options?

Airport Express Lima

Since April 1, 2017, the Airport Express Lima service has been implemented, an official bus line that connects the airport with six Miraflores stops.

This bus service offers free Wifi, Usb charging cables and air conditioning for a price of 8 USD. Payment can be made through your website, or directly inside the vehicle (cash only).

Quick Llama Airport Shuttle

This new service is the most economical way to get out or reach the airport: only 4.5 USD (15 Soles) or 3.10 USD (10 Soles) for groups of 3 or more.

Quick Llama vans also have free Wi-Fi and air conditioning. To secure a seat you can make the payment through your website or paying in cash to the driver by booking through WhatsApp, Facebook or email.

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