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The best songs for trekking – Inca Trail Playlist

When starting the Inca Trail, it’s a must to be in good shape and get accustomed to the height of the Andes. Here at, we would love to help you make this trekking more enjoyable by proposing an Inca Trail playlist with some of the best-known hits of Peruvian andean music.

Although we know you’ll stay with a group of people and in some occasions, you’ll want to be in contact with the exultant nature that surrounds you. At any other moment, you will find yourself putting on your headphones and keep moving forward focusing on the music that is playing.

These Peruvian hits rescue the mystique of Andean music and it has themes by Peruvian artists as renowned as Jean Pierre Magnet, Lucho Quequezana, Manuelcha Prado or Miki Gonzales. We hope you enjoy it!

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