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Hiking Huayna Picchu – A guide to climb the mountain

Have you ever wondered if you’d be able to overcome a challenge hike Huayna Picchu? The mountain behind Machu Picchu is a challenge for those adventurers who decide to enjoy this dizzying climb, which offers breathtaking panoramic views of the mountainous landscape and the sacred city of Machu Picchu.

Huayna Picchu in Quechua means «Pico Joven», and is probably one of the most photographed mountains in the world because it serves as a backdrop for the pictures taken from the archaeological remains of Machu Picchu. The ascent to Huayna Picchu is a unique sensation full of adrenaline. You will climb the highest mountain of Machu Picchu and feel that you are really touching the sky with your hands.

Located at  2600 meters above sea level, the trekking ascent to Huayna Picchu is not very long, approximately 360 meters (1,100 feet). Depending on the route we decide to take, we will finish between 1 hour – 30 minutes / 2 hours (short route) or 3 hours – 30 minutes / 4 hours (full route).

In order to hike the Huayna Picchu we must keep in mind that the ascent slope is very steep, and although rails and cables have been included to hold us to facilitate climbing, in some sections we will have to make a greater effort to climb.

Why should I hike Huayna Picchu?

The greatest reward for those travelers who decide to climb the Huayna Picchu without a doubt are the incredible views of the landscape, the mountain and the sacred citadel of Machu Picchu. In addition, you will be able to visit archeological Inca remains that cannot be reached by any other way, such as the Temple of the Moon or Gran Caverna, one of the biggest temples in the area. A temple carved in the rock that contains many hypotheses about its conception and original function.

This is one of the magical points and where more energy is felt on the Huayna Picchu climbing route. The environment, the overwhelming silence, the soft sounds of nature, the singing of birds and the passing of the Urubamba river current.

The path crosses under a tunnel that has been carved into the rock wall, carved with different cuts and styles. Without realizing it, we will be part of the history that resides within every inch of this majestic mountain.

You will be in front of an impressive architecture that, unless you activate your imagination, will seem impossible to you that it has been built by the human being. But trust us, the Inca civilization was able to build this fascinating architectural ensemble on top of the mountain.

Hiking to Huayna Picchu

How much does Huayna Picchu cost?

Visiting only Huayna Picchu costs 10 dollars / 24 soles. If you decide to visit Machu Picchu + Huayna Picchu ticket prices are 50 dollars / 150 soles.

Students with a valid international card (ISIC card) pay half the price.

It is highly recommended to book your ticket at least a week in advance, and during the high season (May-September) even a month before. Don’t forget your passport, they will check it to validate your entrance permit.

Aspects to keep in mind

Since July 2011, due to a regulation that regulates the number of visits to the enclosure, only 400 people per day can hike the mountain of Huayna Picchu, distributed in 2 groups. You can decide if you can get up early to join the first group at 7am, or visit it on the second one at 10 am. The time of return of the first group is 10 am and the second at 13:00 pm.

If you are considering including this route in a family trip, please note that the regulations do not allow children under 12 years of age to ascend Huayna Picchu.

There are many legends about this hike; the difficulty of climbing, the number of accidents per year or that is only suitable for those who are in good physical shape.

We would like to point out that we have seen cases of older people climbing the mountain, but what we do consider an important aspect to bear in mind is that the route of Huayna Picchu is not suitable for people who suffer from dizziness or vertigo problems.

Are you ready to climb this breathtaking mountain that will leave you breathless in every way?


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